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Fiber Laser and Amplifiers

Fiber Laser and Amplifiers

From high power multi-clad fibers through to highly complex polarizing, ZingTM fibers for fiber lasers and amplifiers

With the growing range of fiber lasers and high power amplifiers available today, there is a greater need for specialty fibers, ranging from high power double or triple cladding fibers through to highly complex polarizing, Zing™ fibers.
These products require high quality manufacturing to ensure outstanding reliability when used at extreme optical power levels and reassurance that the manufacturing processes can scale to meet the global demand of the market. Fibercore’s position as the highest volume specialty fiber manufacturer enables us to address the fiber laser and amplifier market with high quality technical products to enable the next generation of fiber lasers to ramp to high volumes.
Passive Double Cladding Fibers
Passive double cladding fibers are designed to transport the single-mode (SM) signal in the core and the pump light in the cladding from one location to another. These fibers are typically utilized in multimode pump combiners where the combined power of multiple multimode pumps are combined into the passive double cladding fiber and transported to the active double or triple cladding fiber.

For the fiber laser industry, Fibercore has developed the DC1060(10/125)0.08, which offers a 10μm core diameter and a low NA of 0.08 to enable compatibility to high power ytterbium doped fibers. For the telecoms industry, the DC1500(11/125)0.12 and DC1500(6/125)0.21 enable compatibility to 11μm and 6μm MFD erbium/ytterbium doped active fibers. To enable successful integration into components, the passive double clad fibers have been designed to be compatible with pump combiner manufacturing technology and have a germanium doped core, making the fibers photosensitive for fiber Bragg grating (FBG) inscription. Subsequently, these fibers may be used as part of the main gain stage cavity of a laser or as part of a Master Oscillator Power Amplifier (MOPA) design.
Multimode Large Core Fibers
Multimode pumps typically use fiber with a 105μm core diameter and a 125μm cladding diameter. Fibercore offers two variants of this standard pump fiber: MM(105/125)0.15 with a 0.15 NA and MM(105/125)0.22 with a 0.22 NA. The 0.22 NA variant displays improved bend losses in comparison with the 0.15 NA version, offering versatility to the fiber routing design.
Pre-Amplifier Fibers
Depending on the fiber laser architecture, pre-amplifiers are often used to reduce the gain level required from the power amplifier in a MOPA system. Fibercore offers a ytterbium doped, core pump fiber, DF1100 for a 1060nm pre-amplifier and a full range of erbium doped fibers in the IsoGain™ range, but specifically I-15(980/125)HC offers a high absorption level to enable short fiber lengths.
PM and Polarizing Fibers
Fibercore offers a polarization maintaining (PM) erbium doped fiber, DHB1500 with the ability to amplify and maintain polarization for PM fiber laser applications. As well as the doped fibers, Fibercore offers passive PM fibers within the Telecoms PM Fiber range, suitable for wavelengths from 980nm though to 1550nm and beyond. For applications that require a single polarization state, the HB-Z Zing™ polarizing fiber range can act as an all-fiber distributed polarizer with variants at 1060nm and 1550nm. To avoid Polarization Dependant Gain (PDG), particularly in laser diode seeded MOPA systems, Telecoms PM Fiber makes an excellent choice for use in Lyot depolarizers.

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