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Wire Armored Metal Tube

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Fibercore provides fiber in wire armored metal tubes, enabling further robustness to the FIMT. FIMTs are prone to kinking and crushing, so are typically not used as a standalone product. With the addition of a high strength stranded wire layer over the FIMT, the handling characteristics improve tremendously along with crush performance and tensile strength.

The tube construction incorporates stainless steel components to provide improved corrosion resistance and an optional outer polymer jacket is also available upon request. Typical applications for wire armored metal tubes are for tactical applications (deploy/re-deploy), hydrological studies, industrial sensing, power cable monitoring and more applications.


Typical Cable Cross Sections

Product Variants

Wire Armored Metal Tube

Enables further robustness to the FIMT

Product Variants

Wire Armored Metal Tube

Enables further robustness to the FIMT

Available options

Temperature Ratings (oC)

(Higher temperature ratings available upon request)


316L Stainless Steel tube
316L Stainless Steel wires
Optional outer sheath (polyamide, other types upon request)
Up to 8 optical fibers

Diameter Range

2.8mm to 4.8mm

Weight Range

18kg to 46kg

Maximum Operational Tension

750N to 2600N

Minimum Bend Radius



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