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From satellites, harsh-environments and aerospace to confocal microscopy and biomedical new at PW14
29 Jan 14

From satellites, harsh-environments and aerospace to confocal microscopy and biomedical new at PW14

January 28th 2014, Fibercore, the UK based global market leader in the design and manufacture of specialty optical fiber today announce new products at Photonics West 2014.

 New Products at Photonics West include;

 AstroGain™(AG980H and AG980L)
Space grade erbium doped fibers.

 Fibercore’s new AstroGain erbium doped fibers are designed for use in space applications, including amplifiers for inter-satellite communications and light sources for earth monitoring missions. The fiber is available in two variants, AG980H and AG980L. AG980H has a unique trivalent core matrix optimized for high continuous operating time, as might be required in fiber optic gyroscopes. The AG980L has been designed for lower duty cycle operation where intermittent use is expected, as might be required in earth monitoring missions. These fibers build on Fibercore’s World class erbium doped fiber expertise to deliver new technology to challenging environments. Find out more on our website www.fibercore.com/product/erbium-doped-fiber-astrogain

Zing™ (HB1550Z) (11/125)

'Bow-Tie' Single Polarization Fiber for All-Fiber Polarizers

 The new HB1550Z(11/125) has been developed to meet market needs for a 1550nm, all-fiber, high reliability polarizer. The secret behind the high level performance, is the extreme birefringence that only a ‘Bow-Tie’ geometry Polarization Maintaining (PM) fiber can create. Using this design, polarizing windows of >100nm are achieved, allowing use across the C-band operating window. The fiber has been designed to allow high splice compatibility to standard telecoms fibers whilst still maintaining the highest levels of performance. The fiber can be used to polarize unpolarized light or to boost the polarization of an existing light source. Benefits include: the inherent high reliability of an all-fiber design, small package size as Zing™ can be routed together with the existing fiber and the ability to pigtail directly onto components such as multifunctional integrated optical chips (MIOCs). Find out more on our website www.fibercore.com/products/zing

 Pure Silica Core PM Fiber (HB450-SC)

Photodarkening resistant PM Fiber for UV and blue wavelengths

 The pure silica core, polarization maintaining HB450-SC is designed to address the needs of customers requiring PM fibers capable of transmitting UV, violet, blue and green wavelengths without the photodarkening effects that impact standard germanosilicate core fibers. The fiber is typically used in biomedical type applications, including confocal microscopy, DNA sequencing and flow cytometry and also has uses in environmental monitoring. The fiber is designed to be compatible with Fibercore’s MM125 End Cap fiber, giving the customers the ability to expand the output beam of the fiber, reducing high power density end effects. Find out more on our website www.fibercore.com/products/puresilicacorepmfiber

Dr Andy Gillooly, “Our newly released fibers reinforce Fibercore’s position as the leading technologists and most market oriented fiber manufacturer within the specialty optical fiber market. The new ZingTM fiber demonstrates the cutting edge of PM fiber design, offering high performance all-fiber polarizers for use in coherent communications and polarized sensor systems. Building on our long history of space applications, AstroGainTM launches our position in the space communications market, demonstrating our deep understanding of long term optical fiber performance in highly demanding radiation environments. The pure silica core PM fiber further reinforces our portfolio of biomedical focused fibers, extending our reach beyond the OCT and in vivo catheter-type markets.”

 To discuss our new fibers, please visit us at Photonics West 2014, Booth #2236. To make an appointment email info@fibercore.com or contact us on +44 (0)23 8076 9893.

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