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Fibercore releases new specialty fibers and unveils new brand at OFC 13
13 Mar 13

Fibercore releases new specialty fibers and unveils new brand at OFC 13

Fibercore, a UK based global market leader in the design and manufacture of specialty optical fiber will be demonstrating its next generation
telecoms fibers at the World’s leading telecommunications exhibition, OFC 2013. During the exhibition, Fibercore will also unveil the new Fibercore brand.

Fibercore has developed a range of optical fibers designed specifically for use in Telecoms. This includes HB14XXT, a Short beat length PM fiber designed to reduce the packaging size of Lyot depolarizers used in Raman amplifiers. M-12(980/80) and I-25H(1480/80) fibers, reduced cladding diameter erbium doped fibers for mini and micro EDFAs. A range of highly erbium doped fibers will also be unveiled for maximizing the efficiency of L-band amplifiers.Dr Andy Gillooly adds,

“Fibercore has introduced these new fibers to address the telecom market’s need for reducing package sizes and maximizing technology density on rack cards. We have been able to leverage our advanced production technologies to engineer depolarizer fiber and erbium doped fibers which can be used in shorter lengths and smaller coil diameters than standard products on the market. This gives our customers increased design flexibility for their next generation products.”

In addition to the new telecoms fibers, Fibercore has developed two new general fibers that will be released, HB450-SC a pure silica core PM fiber for use around 450-520nm particularly good for biomed applications. The MM125 no core fiber for beam expanders and back reflection reduction is ideal for fiber lasers and sensor applications. Dr Andy Gillooly continues,

“Biomedical technology has advanced significantly over the last few years, making use of more complex microscopy techniques which often requires transmission of polarized visible light. Standard PM fibers suffer from photodarkening but our HB450-SC has been designed to avoid such effects, allowing the technology to move into blue wavelengths with no worry about reliability.”

Fibercore intend also to unveil its new company brand at OFC. To coincide with this Fibercore has created new brochures, stand and collateral. Come along to stand 2821 to discuss your fiber requirements and see the new look Fibercore.


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