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New HB14XXT Ultra-High Birefringence Fiber Enabling Enhanced Performance of Raman Pump Lasers
14 Nov 13

New HB14XXT Ultra-High Birefringence Fiber Enabling Enhanced Performance of Raman Pump Lasers

 Southampton, November 14th 2013, Fibercore, the UK based global market leader in the design and manufacture of specialty optical fiber, announced a new Polarization Maintaining (PM) product designed to offer improved performance in active and passive components, operating in the Raman pump band known as '14XX'.

The new PM fiber, HB14XXT has been designed with optimized Bow-Tie shapes to generate a birefringence typically 50-100% higher than conventional PM PANDA. 14XXT also offers state-of-the-art beat-length (1.0mm typical) and Polarization Extinction Ratio (PER) enabling use over wider operating temperature ranges and more demanding deployment or assembly conditions, without degradation of the overall performance.

Fibercore’s special Bow-Tie design allows these extremely short beat-lengths to be achieved whilst still maintaining exceptional handling, cleaving and splicing characteristics with better than 0.1dB/splice even at 45˚. With the increasing need to integrate more optical components into smaller volumes, HB14XXT enables shorter optical fiber lengths for components such as Lyot depolarizers, saving spacing whilst still maintaining performance. Furthermore, HB14XXT has been designed to deliver greater resistance to variations in component manufacturing process, improving customer yields and overall performance.

“Fibercore’s HB14XXT product is special as it provides improved key polarization related performance compared to other solutions without sacrificing key attributes like handling, splicing, reliability and even backward compatibility. In summary this product solves problems associated with assembly and packaging without compromising other fiber parameters.” states Dr. Aurélien Bergonzo, Fibercore’s Head of Strategy & New Markets.


The combination of Fibercore’s glass expertise in polarization maintaining fiber (being the clear world leader in the manufacture and supply of this product family with more than 50,000,000 m in service worldwide and counting), and this new fiber design opens the route to a wide family of products optimized for operating wavelengths from 980nm to 1550nm, with applications and performance that were unattainable in the past, using other fiber geometries / designs. The new family of products will be particularly useful in highly demanding applications where the optical fiber is subject to multiple handling operations and the potential for degrading the performance is significant. On top of these unique performance characteristics, fibers with this design are fully compatible with other optical fibers in terms of connections, splicing, strip ability, photo-inscription and assembly, thus eliminating the need for specific accessories.



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